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pack monkey

pack monkey


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25 000,00 Ft

Product features

  • Pack your parachute faster and more reliably with Pack Monkey. This parachute packing aid makes putting the canopy in the deployment bag an easy, mechanical process. Stop wrestling with your canopy when packing, use Pack Monkey to help! For additional information and detailed instructions on how to use Pack Monkey, see www.packmonkeydesigns.com
  • Made from durable plastic (not cardboard) surrounded by a specially chosen fabric.

Product description

Pack Monkey is a tool developed by a skydiver, for skydivers. The product is made from a resilient plastic that is crack-resistant, encased in specially chosen fabric to aid in the packing process. The inner plastic corners are also rounded to eliminate risk of the corners wearing through the fabric. The fabric itself was chosen for its durability, and special friction characteristics: There has to be enough friction such that the canopy does not readily slide around when contained by the tool, but also not so much friction that it is difficult to remove the tool from the deployment bag after insertion. For more information, detailed packing instructions, and our story, see www.packmonkeydesigns.com