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 Ara: 100 USD


 Pro Track adatainak számítógépre történő rögzítésére, továbbítására.

This package includes a Data-Track serial interface unit for use with Pro-Track and the Jump-Track version 3.0 (For use with Pro-Track and Alti-Track) advanced Windows logbook program. The Data-Track interface unit snaps on to the Pro-Track and data is transferred from the Pro-Track to the Data-Track via an optical link, thus no cable connections are required. FEATURES: Jump-Track, when combined with data captured by the Pro-Track audible altimeter/freefall computer facilitates accurate record keeping of an individual's skydives in a user-friendly Windows environment.
The changes you have requested:

Better performance! Better compatibility! More customization choices! More display modes! Jump statistics displays! Better photo/video integration! More printing/publishing options! Rig-Track � now a separate program with unlimited rigs! Rig-Track � redesigned user interface � more intuitive and easy-to-use �and the world class support you have come to expect:


  • Full compatibility with all Pro-Track versions
  • Conversion utilities for your v.2 Jump-Track & Rig-Track data:
    • Jumps
    • Gear
    • Lookup files
  • New!  Jump-Track forum
    • Tips on using Jump-Track and Rig-Track
    • Assistance with operational questions
    • Access to downloads of updated software
  • New! Personal Information Page
    • A place to record your personal skydiving info


      • licenses
      • awards
      • ratings
      • club membership �numbers�
    • Personal photo
  • New!   Jump statistics
    • No longer a need to use/write SQL queries to retrieve jump statistics
    • Simply select a tab and click on the desired items
    • Click again on the graph type to chose between pie charts, columns, 3D and more
  • New!  Improved compatibility � now using Microsoft Access database
    • Logbook database interoperates with Microsoft Office applications and many more
    • Support for Pocket PC synchronization (coming soon)
    • Lots of included SQL for use in customization, exporting and report creation
  • New!  Print options
    • Easily save logbook as HTML file and publish it to the �Net
    • Easily save & share logbook as .pdf file
    • New, �canned� reports
    • Report design tool
  • New!  Search facility
    • Search any data field (column) in a logbook for any value
    • View only jumps meeting that criteria
    • Easily print or export the selected jump records
  • More control over customization
    • Backgrounds � over 50 stock tiles
    • Support for custom tiles (you can add your own)
    • Colors
    • Mix and match Metric or U.S. units of measure for speed and altitude
    • Copy any jump from one logbook to another
    • Redesigned Lookup Table editor to more easily enter your repetitive logbook data entries
  • Better photo & video integration
    • Thumbnail views of photos and video along with dive profile
    • Easy, one-click insertion of photo and video files
    • Simply click on the image or video to view
    • Easy capture of any video frame to use as a .jpeg logbook image
  • Redesigned logbook �Single Jump View�
    • Buttons for dropdown �lookup� menus
    • One-click �Dive Type� selection
    • Customizable formation size/type selection