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Viso 2+ mellhevederpárna

Viso2+ mellhevederpárna

Price: 35 euro

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13 000,00 Ft

Viso2+ mellhevederpárna

Price: 35 euro


The Viso II Chest Mount, made specifically for the Viso or Viso II digital altimeters from Larsen & Brusgaard!

This soft pillow chest mount will fit on any chest strap as it has internal threading strap pockets for the 1" Type 17 chest strap as well as the Wide Type 8 chest strap.

The L&B Viso II Chest Mount only fits the Viso or Viso II altimeters. Once the altimeter is installed, a skydiver can check altitude with a quick glance to the chest.

Made of cordura, soft cushion, stiffener and the Viso II pocket.

Includes one Viso Packing Tool for inserting and removing your Viso or Viso II altimeter from the pocket. The tool also doubles as a packing tool. Instructions included.